WYNNBET Bet $100 Get $100 Bet Credit

Bet Credit Promotion

Terms and Conditions effective March 10, 2023 – March 9, 2024, unless earlier amended or canceled

These Terms & Conditions apply to WynnBET promotions in which a patron can receive one or more Bet Credits after either making one or more qualifying deposit, placing one or more qualifying sports wagers, or both. Details of the Bet Credits awarded, the qualifying deposits and wagers, and other requirements will be specified in the communication that informs the patron about the promotion.

All WynnBET promotions are subject to the WynnBET Promotion Terms & Conditions.


Promotions governed by these terms will be either (1) advertised using a promotional tile on the WynnBET app and website that links to a page containing the promotion details; or (2) communicated directly to select WynnBET patrons, based on their wagering and other activity, by email, push notification, or text message.The promotional tile, promotion details page, or direct communication will include some specific requirements and limitations for the promotion and may include the following details:Award DetailsThe promotion details will list specifics about the Bet Credits awarded under the promotion, including the following:

  • Bet Credit amount.
  • Number of Bet Credits awarded. If the promotion details do not specify multiple Bet Credits, then the full amount will be awarded in a single Bet Credit.
  • Limitations on Bet Credits awarded (may include expiration date, limited use, etc.). See the Bet Credits page for the standard and default limitations applicable to Bet Credits.

Deposit Requirements

If no deposit requirement is mentioned on the promotion details, then there is no deposit requirement for the promotion (but it might be necessary to make a deposit to fund your account before you can place a wager). Otherwise, the promotion details will list specifics about the deposit requirements, including the following:

  • The minimum deposit amount.
  • Deposit series requirements. For example, you may be required to make multiple deposits, one every week for a few weeks, etc.
  • Deposit funding source. For example, you may be required to make a deposit using one of the specific deposit options on the deposit page.
  • Timeframe to complete the deposit requirement. If there is both a deposit requirement and a wagering requirement, the deposit must be placed before the wager, even if you already have sufficient funds to complete the wager. Otherwise, if there is no timeframe specified, the qualifying deposit must be made within 21 days of opting in or receiving the direct communication about the promotion.

Wagering Requirements

If no wager requirement is specified in the promotion details, then there is no requirement to place a wager to receive the Bet Credit award. Otherwise, the promotion details will list specifics about the wagering requirements, including the following:

  • The minimum wager amount.
  • Eligible events or categories of events (e.g., “Saturday’s New York vs. Los Angeles game,” “all basketball games,” “the championship game,” etc.). If no specific events or categories are identified, then any event may qualify.
  • Specific wager types (e.g., single-bet, parlay, money-line, etc.). It may also be necessary to place more than one wager, if specified. If no wager type is specified, then any wager type may qualify.
  • Odds requirements (e.g., “-120 or greater,” “-150 to +1,000,” etc.). If no odds requirements are specified, the odds requirement is -200 or greater for all qualifying wagers.
  • Bet outcome requirement. If the promotion details specify that the qualifying bet must settle in a specific way (as a win, loss, or draw) in order to receive the Bet Credit, then the bet must settle in that way, according to WynnBET House Rules. If the promotion details do not specify a bet outcome, then the Bet Credit may be awarded if the qualifying bet settles as a win, loss, or push (but never if voided or cashed out).
  • In-game requirements (e.g., “if Alabama scores first,” “if Rodriguez hits a home run,” etc.). If such a requirement is specified, then the identified event or statistic must occur—based on the official rulings of the applicable league, event, or governing body and the WynnBET House Rules—for the patron to receive the award. If no in-game requirement is listed, then no such requirement applies.
  • Timeframe to complete the wagering requirements. If no timeframe is specified, then the patron must complete the requirements while the qualifying wager is available (e.g., before the game starts) and within 21 days of opting in or receiving direct communication about the promotion.

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