World Cup Women Predictions 26&27 July 2023

World Cup Women Predictions.
Portugal W Vs Vietnam W,USA W Vs Netherlands W,Argentina W Vs South Africa W

Key Portugal W Vs Vietnam W

  • Portugal is 21st in FIFA rankings, Vietnam is 32nd, so it’s clear who the better team is
  • Vietnam lost five games in a row, including a 3-0 loss to USA in the first round
  • Portugal lost just once in their last four games and it was a minimal loss to vice-champions of the world Netherlands

Key USA W Vs Netherlands W

  • Two of the four duels between these two teams have gone over 2.5 total goals, but we saw an average of 3.00 goals in those games
  • Netherlands went over 2.5 total goals in three of their last five games, while USA did the same in five of their last ten matches
  • In the last five games, Netherlands averaged 3.20 goals per game

Key Argentina W Vs South Africa W

  • South Africa have gone over 2.5 total goals in their last three games in a row
  • Argentina went over 2.5 total goals in two of their last three games
  • In the last three games, Argentina averaged 2.67 goals per game, while South Africa averaged 4.33 goals per game in the same span

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