World Cup Women Predictions 25.07.2023

World Cup Women Predictions.
Swistzerland  W vs Norway ,Japan W Vs Costa Rica W, Spain W Vs Zambia W.


Key Swistzerland  W vs Norway

  • The two teams are very close in quality, as is evident from FIFA rankings where Norway is 12th and Switzerland 20th
  • In the last three duels between these teams, each team has one win and one match ended in a draw
  • Switzerland drew in three of their last five games, while Norway drew in two of their last four matches

Key Japan W Vs Costa Rica W

  • Japan beat Costa Rica 3-0 in their previous h2h duel
  • Costa Rica lost 3-0 to Spain in the first round of the World Cup, while Japan beat Zambia 5-0
  • Japan is 11th in FIFA rankings, while Costa Rica is 36th, so the difference in quality between these teams is clear

Key Spain W Vs Zambia W.

  • Spain is 6th in FIFA rankings, while Zambia is 77th, lower than any other team at this World Cup
  • Zambia lost 5-0 to Japan in the first round, while Spain beat Costa Rica 3-0
  • In the last five matches, Spain has all five wins, with a goal difference of +24

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